Motion R Ranger

Our 2020 Motion R Design Ford Ranger consists of the following:

  • Carbon Fibre Front Bumper With Integrated DRL's
  • Carbon Fibre Front Wings
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Quarter Panels
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Bumper With Integrated Motion R Branded Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • Motion R 'OR1' 20inch Concave Load Rated Alloy Wheels

Fully Exposed Carbon Fibre Exterior Package consisting of: (Available In 2x2 Weave & Also In Our All New Forged Carbon Option)

  • Motion R Integrated Front Grill
  • DRL Housing & Front Bumper Intake
  • Front Splitter
  • 4x Piece Staggered Wide Arch Kit (Wider Rear Tracking)
  • Wing Vents With 'R' Branding
  • Rear Bumper Diffuser
  • Tailgate Spoiler

Motion R Interior Package Consisting of:

  • Carbon Fibre Dash Trims (Available In 2x2 Weave or Forged Carbon)
  • Motion R Carbon Fibre Flat Bottom Steering Wheel With Perforated Leather (Available In 2x2 Weave or Forged Carbon)
  • Optional Full Motion R Branded Quilted Nappa Leather Interior

Promo Video - Motion R Ranger Coming Soon!