Motion R

Row of Motion R Design customised vehicles


The Motion R concept is all about superior quality and enhanced customer experience.

The team formed the company drawing experience from wheel design, super car sales and body styling design. The company was born from a key partnership forming from super car sales and wheel design.

Based in the UK, the state of the art headquarters is focused on bespoke manufacturing facilities building each vehicle by hand to ensure the highest quality standards possible.

Core Values

Collectively the team have over 50 years' experience in their various fields of expertise ranging from wheel & body design to super car sales. This places Motion R in a unique position to understand the client and then deliver vehicles that exceeds all expectations.

All bespoke design services are engineered in house, including the wheels, hand crafted leather and carbon interiors.

Row of Motion R Design customised vehicles
Workman painting custom bumper

The growing partner network Motion R has across the UK is based selective criteria to ensure the dealerships maintain exceptional standards. Feedback through the sales channels also enables us to constantly innovate and meet new client requirements.

For us the client experience is everything, be it at the point of purchase, or the follow on support through our dedicated customer service team.

Three years manufacturer's warranty available.

We take pride in our brand reputation.